Protestant Pastor, Writer, Poet and Composer from Halle on the Saale


His name was actually

Hermann Otto Nietschmann

. Despite of his many novels, poems, songs and other works - published under his alias Armin Stein - he is almost forgotten, now!

And yet, he had written almost 100 books and more than 300 articles for journals and newspapers. He was one of the most productive German writers.

He is on a par with Hedwig Courts-Mahler (1867-1950) with 200 novels, Karl May(1842-1912) and Heinz G. Konsalik (geb. 1921) with ab. 150 novels.

His pseudonym was built by the old (latin) form of
Hermann - even Armin. The last name are the first 5 letters of Nietschmann -- Niets - backwards read - Stein.

All his life he felt closely associated with the city of Halle (Saale).


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Armin Stein's "August Hermann Francke" as facsimile print

350th Birthday of August Hermann Francke

At the 350th birthday of August Hermann Francke, the Projekte Verlag Halle has re-released Armin Stein's book as facsimile.


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Francke Foundationes Halle/Saale


Francke Foundationes Halle/Saale